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About COSS

About COSS

The College of Social Sciences is one of the colleges established within the University of Cambodia since 2003.

With its six well-known specializations, the college has trained and actively contributed to human resource development. The college graduates have very potential and effective workforces playing leadership roles in various places both in the public and private institutions throughout the country. Currently, the college of social sciences is evolving to become a stronger institution striving to offer our students the best quality of education and skills necessary for their lives in a competitive world.    


The College of Social Sciences sets to become an auspicious center of study and research in the field of social sciences, nationally, regionally and internationally.


College of Social Sciences aims to train students to think independently, critically, systematically and creatively and to offer students the ability to analyze and assess human behavior in its socio-cultural contexts relevant to history and space.


  • To be a center  of excellence of teaching and research in the field of social sciences
  • To be a magnet attracting and producing skillful human resources
  • To be a strategic partners with other universities, research institutions, and organization in providing demanded skills and knowledge