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The College of Social Sciences was established at the same time as the University of Cambodia in 2003. With its six well-known areas of specialization, the college has trained and actively contributed to human resource development. The college graduates have high potential and play leadership roles in various places, both in public and private institution throughout the country and outside Cambodia. Currently, the College of Social Science is transforming to become a stronger institution striving to offer our students the best quality of education and skills necessary to succeed in their lives in the competitive world.


  •  To become a leading center of excellence in  teaching, training , research and consultancy
  •  To produce  future  leaders   on a  national , regional and international  level.


  • To provide quality teaching, learning, research and consultancy in social sciences by creating,
    preserving, transmitting and utilizing all available  knowledge and theories. 

   • To provide students with both theoretical and practical of social science, in an effort to promotes
   interdisciplinary understanding of human societies and the natural world.  

Goals and Objectives

  • To educate and train students to think independently, critically, systematically , and creatively  in
     academic, professional and personal settings

  • To provide an undergraduate education that foster continuous professional growth and provides a
     solid  foundation for graduate education.

  • To enhance the research skills of students by undertaking research in many different fields of

     social sciences.

  • To provide students with the advancement of knowledge in the area of social science through


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