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  • Aristotle's Politics Today

    By: Lenn Evan Goodman, Robert B. Talisse SUNY Press, Jun 5, 2008 - Philosophy - 167 pages According to Aristotle, man's essential sociality implie...

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  • Power & Interdependence

    by: Robert O. Keohane, Joseph S. Nye Jr. Pearson Education, Nov 21, 2011 - Political Science - 368 pages This is the eBook of the printed book and...

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  • Two Treatises of Government:​

    How does a person learn a second language? In this book, Marysia Johnson proposes a new model of second language acquisition (SLA) - a model that shif...

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  • CoSS Books Donation

    THE END OF POWER The End of Power updates the very notion of power for the 21st century. Power, we know, is shifting: From West to East and North...

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