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1. Fundamentals of Successful Negotiation 

This short course is designed to equip participants with the insightful knowledge in peaceful resolutions, both in your personal life and in business. The course focuses on the mechanisms and procedures in resolving conflict between individuals. Participants will be able to understand and think critically and analytically on how peaceful communities can be built and how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds. Furthermore, some key aspects in business are also discussed together with case studies. 

2. Understanding the principles and strategy of power

This short course examines the nature of power in international and global politics. The class will look at how scholars have theorized about the nature of power and at the practical aspects of how people use power resources to achieve their goals. The course is divided into three sections. Part I reviews traditional theories of power in international relations. It focuses on realist theory and the use of force and coercion between states. Part II examines how agenda setting and the framing of an issue shapes decision-making. We will look at prominent theories of this “second dimension” of power and analyze how theory plays out in practice. Part III completes our theoretical journey with the “third dimension” of power or what some scholars have called soft power.

3.  Administration and Secretary
The course of Administration and Secretary is a popular and practical tool offering a basic knowledge of administrative work, principles of office management and effective secretary models. We also intend to equip students with necessary skills in documentation, fast note taking, professional report writing and fundamentals of computer commands. These contents are necessarily needed to ensure the smooth process and development of an organization.
4.  Peaceful Resolution
This short course touches on a number of issues in resolving conflict both in politics and business. One part of the course will reflect to the history of humankind living in conflict, the demand for peace and the possible ways of conflict resolution. Another part, the course focus will be on the conflicts in business, causes and how to prevent them, parties and institutions in conflicts, rules and regulations governing the methods of resolving conflict. This is an important part of business in the globalized world, particularly in the context of ASEAN Economic Integration (AEC).


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