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Why Study At College of Socail Sciences

•provide professional academic counseling.
•provide career guidance and mentoring as well.
•aim to give our students more practical experience through exposure to the networks environment.
•have extensive local networks of useful contacts and are constantly building international networks and collaborations.
•encourage research as a way of personal and professional development, as well as for the benefit of Cambodia.
•graduate students are in high demand by top employers.
•students are capable of finding and competing for jobs locally and abroad.
•students are competent in qualitative and quantitative analysis.
•students are equipped with a broad range of knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of social science theories.
•programs are not rigid: students have more flexibility.

Physical Academic Infrastucture
1. Class-room Facilities

The class-room designed for CoSS students are well as equipped with the latest teaching aids, and are air conditioned to make all feel comfortable to learn in a conductive environment. Each class- room has enough space for individual learning as well as to carry out group discussions, role plays and presentation.

2. Library

The Toshu Fukami Library and UC E-Library contain thousands of textbooks and reference books as well as relevant study materials. Those libraries also have computers which the students can use during their study.
3. Computer Laboratory
The University of Cambodia has well equipped computer labs as well as an IT Center for students.

4. Placement
In helping students to enhance their career decision making skills and better understand how to connect their academic degree with the world of works, the university has developed a comprehensive program to provide students with many career development processes. These tools can help to assess their work values, interests, and skills.


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