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Dr. HU Ty

Welcome to the College of Social Sciences at The University of Cambodia, which is a leading Cambodian university that provides excellent education and research opportunities through its two schools and six colleges.  The College of Social Sciences provides a core curriculum and specialized practicum components that contribute to why a UC education is renowned throughout the region and world. Our faculty is committed to ensuring that our undergraduate and graduate students receive an outstanding education, and are equipped to understand and analyze the pressing issues in their respective fields.
If you are searching for a quality education in the field of social sciences and the opportunity to get involved in student organizations, volunteer work or research, then the College of Social Sciences at UC is the right place for you. UC’s outstanding standard of education will stick with you throughout your life by preparing you for the realities of an integrated regional job market due to ASEAN integration. In choosing the right university for you, you should think about your future. At UC we prioritize our students to ensure they are ready to start their careers, so please come visit us and apply for admission to The University of Cambodia. I believe that if you choose to study at the College of Social Sciences, your academic years here will be some of the best years of your life and will prepare you to be successful in your future endeavors.

Dr. HU Ty
Dean of College of Social Sciences


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